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Musical Instrument Lessons

The personalities of the instruments are very different

Each instrument has its own unique character. Have you found the right instrument?




Bright, strong and prominent tone

French Horn

The mellow, honest and harmonious tone of the French horn makes it an indispensable member of any orchestra, big or small.

The family also includes the trumpet, trombone, alto horn, euphonium and tuba.


The timbre is flexible and harmonious, with many humorous and amusing glissando effects.



The instruments played by angels show their elegance.

The dreamy sound cleanses the soul and makes people forget the hustle and bustle.


​A high-pitched instrument, very expressive, with brilliant technique, often played as a solo instrument and as the lead melody in an orchestra. The great tension makes the violin music deeply rooted in people's hearts.


A middle range instrument with a more mellow mid-range sound than the violin. Its tone is pure and warm. It often draws chords in the orchestra and is a rare mainstay.

The cello is an instrument with rich expressiveness, passion and simplicity. It is often used as a soloist and is an important cornerstone of the orchestra.



The sound is crisp, bright and flexible. The tone is the pretty much the same as its appearance: shining silver, noble and eye-catching.

It often adds a layer of bright gauze to the orchestra's music. The perfect match of harp.


The oboe is often a solo instrument due to its unique and outstanding timbre.


Very expressive, with a variety of timbres, easy to blend, often used as a solo instrument.


Very expressive, outstanding voice. Often used as a solo instrument in jazz music.



There are two categories: drum music and tatami music, which include a variety of musical instruments that make sounds by being struck, with a bright and vigorous rhythm.

Classical piano and instant pop piano



Hawaiian guitar, folk guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar

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