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Murali Model 200 -

Closed hole, silver plated, Pisoni traditional felt pads, C foot.

Basic model, solid sound, good mechanics.

HKD$ 4100

Murali Overture -

Open hole, gold plated, split E, off set G, Pisoni traditional felt pads, B foot.

HKD$ 8000

Murali Composite Wood Piccolo -

Fantastic piccolo! Clear and full sound. Silver plated keys, composite wood body.

HKD$ 3600

Murali Grenadilla Wood Piccolo -

Grenadilla wood body, silver plated keys, pointed arm construction, split E mechanism, off set G, B foot.

HKD$ 17880

Instruments for Rent

Adams XS2LV40 Soloist series 4 Octaves Xylophone

Range: 4 oct. C4-C8
Bars: Light rosewood 43-381/2 mm
Pitch A: 442 Hz.
Frame: Voyager
Length: 156 cm
Low end: 68 cm
High end: 35 cm
Height adjustment: 80-100 cm

HKD$ 200/30min (ABRSM exam room)

HKD$ 800/Day (excluding transportation)

Artone 36 String Lever Harp

Model 36S

Strings: 36

Colour: Antique

Range: 5. oct. C3-C8

HKD$ 35/30min (practice room)

HKD$ 70/60min (practice room)

HKD$ 200/30min (ABRSM exam room)

HKD$ 1000/Day (excluding transportation)

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