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     Remarks for Recording Sessions 

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  • 宜穿合乎比賽要求之服飾,例如校服/西裝

  • 帶備:

    • 身份證明文件

    • 正版樂譜

    • 鋼琴伴奏譜(管弦樂器適用)

    • 樂器 (如適用)

  • 準時到達錄影場地,如提早到達請在門外等候、保持安靜

  • 錄影開始前,錄音師會講解拍攝程序,微調收音音量及錄影位置,請演奏者配合工作人員指示

  • 錄影完成後,需時處理影片,以符合考試或比賽要求影片製作完成後將以電子檔案連結方式供下載。

  • 為保障私隱,影片預設為不公開;請以電郵地址登入,選「要求權限」並等待我們於辦公時間 1 小時內加入權限。

  • Dress appropriately in school uniform / smart casual attire to show respect for the performance situation

  • Bring the following items with you:

    • ​Identity proof

    • Original music scores

    • Piano accompaniment scores (when applicable)

    • Your instrument (when applicable)

  • Arrive on time. Wait quietly outside if you are early and there are others recording.​

  • The sound engineer will guide you through the process of recording and do sound tests with you for the best sound quality and effects.

  • The video will be sent to you  for download after processing to meet requirements.

  • For privacy, the video is set to private by default. Please "request permission" with your email address and wait for permission noramlly within granted within 1 hour during office hours.

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