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  守則 Rules  

( I ) 請假安排 Application for leave of absence



Lessons continue on public holidays. The Centre closes between the 1st and the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year, during which all lessons will be rescheduled.



Students should be punctual for lessons. No make-up class nor any make-up class time will be arranged for late arrivals or absence without prior approval by the Centre.



In order to be eligible to reschedule a lesson, applications must be made at least two days before the original lesson.


即日病假申請必須於上課時間前向所屬總/ 分校申請,並以手機傳送或於下一課堂出示有效之當日醫生證明。

Sick leave applications are accepted only when made before the scheduled lesson starts and valid medical certificate be provided.


按以上1-3,4 項規則請假之課堂,可向中心申請安排於原定課堂日期起計三十天内由同一導師或任何負責該科目之導師補課。如未能於此有效時段內補課,則該課不獲補課,該堂學費將不會退款。

Eligible made-up lessons under Rules I-3,4 may be scheduled within 30 days from the original lesson day, with the same or another teacher of the corresponding subject. Eligible lessons not scheduled within this period are neither refundable nor shall be made-up.


未能按以上1-3,4 項規則請假而缺席之課堂將不獲補課,該堂學費將不會退款。

Lessons are neither refundable nor shall be made-up if terms specified in Rules 1-3.4 are not met.


A make-up lesson by the same or substitute teacher shall be arranged within 30 days if the instructor takes a leave.


( II ) 特殊天氣情況安排 In the event of adverse weather conditions


Lessons continue under Strong Wind Signal No.3, Red or Amber Rainstorm Signal.


The Centre will be closed when Gale or Storm signal No. 8 or above, or the Black Rainstorm Signal is issued. Lessons cancelled due to

these conditions will be made-up within 30 days.


Lessons will resume three hours after such warnings are lowered.


( III ) 繳費 Payment

學費以月費或季度形式繳交。月費計劃之課堂總數根據該月該週日之實際數目(4 星期或5 星期)計算;季度計劃之課堂總數為每季 13課。

Tuition fees should be paid on a monthly basis, counted according to the number of the specific week days (4 or 5 weeks) of the specific

month or on a auarterlv basis of 13 lessons


Payments are due 7 days before the first lesson of a new month/ quarter. Late payments do not secure the same lesson time slot.


An application fee is applicable upon newly admitted students and students who resume from any termination of studies.


Only cash and cheque are accepted. Cheques should be made payable to Fine Music Education Centre.


( IV ) 其他 Others


For the sake of hygiene and the maintenance of the instruments, students should wash their hands before any lesson. In case of any symptoms of upper respiratory infections, students should wear a facial mask.


This handbook should be handed to the receptionist before each lesson for record keeping. After each lesson, parents or students should sign on the lesson record sheet for attendance taking.


Please turn off your mobile phone and beeping devices during lessons.


Eating, drinking, unauthorised photoaraphy and audio or videorecording are prohibited in classrooms.


The Centre may take photos and audio/video recordings during lessons for training and promotional purposes. If parents do not agree on their children's participation, they should notify the Centre in writing.


Students should compensate for any damages made by him/her on the musical instruments or the facilities of the Centre.


Fine Music Education Centre reserves the right to interpret these Rules and decide on an arisina questions or disputes. All such interbretations and decisions shall be final and conclusive.

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